As a result of improvements being made to the North Lee Water Association’s system in the Hwy 348/ county road 833 areas, the source of your water will soon change.

The water that you soon will be receiving will be purchased by the NLCWA from the Northeast Mississippi Regional Water Supply District. The District’s surface water meets all Federal and State requirements and in many respects is superior to the current ground water supply.

The changeover in the water supply is scheduled to occur at the end of January 2019. This change does not affect water rates.

one noteworthy change in the water supply is related to the disinfectant used to protect against bacteriological contamination. The District’s surface water supply is disinfected with chloramines instead of chlorine. Although chloramines are entirely safe for human consumption, consumers need to be aware of the change.

The change in disinfectant is of critical importance for consumers who use home dialysis units.

Like chlorine, chloramine can affect dialysis patients during the dialysis process if the chlorine is not removed from water being used.

The process of removing chloramine from the water is slightly different from the process used to remove chlorine. Dialysis machines may require modification or adjustment for chloramine removal. Dialysis patients should contact their physicians for more specific information regarding how to accommodate the change in the water supply disinfectant.

The change in disinfectant is also of importance to customers who keep tropical fish, reptiles, and other aquatic animals in aquariums.

Customers will need to remove the chloramines, as with chlorine, before filling or re-filling aquariums. Area pet supply retailers can be contacted for more information regarding how to accommodate the change in the water supply disinfectant.

If additional information is needed regarding the change in the water supply source, please contact the office.

The affected areas roads are Hwy 348 from county road 833 to county road 541, county roads 833, 601, 2500, 2848, 661, 697, 2790, 651, 773, part of county road 503, Euclatubba Rd. and Silver Lake Subdivision.

Latest Alerts

Chlorine swap

Beginning in September 2019 the Northeast MS Regional Water Supply will temporarily change the disinfectant used in the water treatment process. The Northeast MS Regional Water Supply will be using chlorine rather than chloramines.

New Water Rates

At the November board of directors meeting the board approved a rate increase that will be effective January 1, 2018. The new rates are as follows: The first 2,500 gallons - $15.00 (minimum bill) previously this amount was $10.50. Every 1,000 gallons over the first 2,500 will remain the same at $5.50. This increase will be used to improve the water system and help improve the water quality.